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GVK Elevator Consulting Services provides consulting

services for the vertical transportation systems in virtually all

building types, including office buildings, hotels, retail centers, residential buildings, court houses, research facilities, and many other special purpose building types. We provide high quality services for the specification, tender, installation, operation and modernization of elevators and escalators by:

  • Integrating vertical transportation system design with overall  project objectives. 
  • Implementing elevator industry technical innovations         tempered by practical experience.
  • Working closely with major manufacturers in a competitive environment to achieve multiple objectives that satisfy design, performance and budget requirements.

The firm’s size is such that principals remain directly involved

with all client projects. Our office is located in downtown San Francisco, and is staffed from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific time,

Monday through Friday.  We are an active member of the

Council of Tall Building and the Urban Habitat, and are

incorporated in the State of California.

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